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In many cases we take the opportunity to try and re-claim some of the take off parts from various projects. We credit the customer with the funds associated with the sale of the take off components to help with the build cost of their project.

We would rather see the part go to a good home , then to the steel foundry as many of the parts are no longer available through regular parts suppliers.

Have a look below and see if there is anything that might help you with your current build.

Parts for sale:

1968 Ford 427 Side Oiler engine, complete with Hi-riser intake . $10,000 obo.

1964 Ford 427 FE. Tunnel Port Cylinder Heads $4000 obo.

1965 Ford 427 FE. Single plane Tunnel Port intake $ 1000 obo

1965 Ford 427 FE. dual plane Tunnel Port intake $1000 obo

New Comp Cams Thumpr Cam & lifters fits Ford Fe $300

Ford C6 4500 RPM Stall Convertor $ 350 obo

1946 Dodge Powerwagon 6 Cylinder engine and transmission $800

JW bell housing ford Mod motor to C4 $200

Big Block Chev MSD Billet Distributor set up for crank trigger $150

Holley 650 DP carburetor $300

Several sets of QA1 Mustang 2 front Coil Over springs (call)

more parts coming soon!!